Serving Excellence – How?

I do part-time work for WBUP & WBKP ABC 10 & CW 5, a local television station in Ishpeming, MI. I am a master control operator on the weekends, and starting Monday, Floor Director for the evening news.

This is a complete departure from my historical career path in tech. This is more about doing something interesting. Do you know what I like about it? I’m always learning, and there is always a way to do better work.

The Carzwell XYZ tagline is “Serving Excellence.” That was distilled from 36 years of military and civilian work experience. It speaks to How I do what I do, and that is with excellence. How do I know? Because I’m constantly improving and developing.

I relocated to the Michigan Upper Peninsula after 20 years in the Seattle tech market. I worked with a lot of really great people. I learned from them, and continue to learn today.

Balance piece in my home in Negaunee, MI.

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