Return to Seattle

In May of 2018 I relocated from Seattle, Washington to my uncle’s mini-horse farm in the Michigan Upper Peninsula.  I lived and worked on the farm for that summer. It was tough work that included moving a lot of hay. It was just what I needed.

Art on the farm

During that time, I began the design of a couple of business websites: and  The second was my first client. I now have four.

I finished the farmhand work, and took a weekend job as a Master Control Operator for one of the local TV stations.  I also moved to downtown Negaunee, Michigan where I later connected with the owner of a thriving bakery and cafe (  When I was offered a full-time job on her staff, I jumped at the opportunity.

I’m also happy for my efforts with Thales Consulting ( where I have crafted a lightweight set of technical and administrative services, including 24X7 monitoring of their servers.  I put my eyes on their systems every morning, and maintain a complete document library of all our work together. You can find the tools used here:

Art at Camp, on James Lake

In September, I am relocating back to Seattle.  I will make it my home, and seek work. I am going to refine my business service offerings to target potential areas of unmet need.  I think I want to work with small and medium businesses, but if the right match in a big shop comes along, I will of course consider it.

I look forward to the opportunities and new experiences.  🙂

~ Bill

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