I started Carzwell XYZ as a way to express all of my work in the world. My professional efforts, art, and the projects that come from my heart: service work.

Lately I have been laboring through complete reassessment of my work life. After 11 versions, a vision statement, and then, I named the projects. Creating and sharing art is at the center of things for me.

I took the stones outside today, with a very specific intention for what I was going to build. I wanted something really impressive out of the gate, but didn’t realize I was going to have to work to make anything at all.

I went with all my work ventures in my heart to build this piece, and in the end I was just feeling too full to hold still. I struggled several times, and finally, I said, “it is enough,” and it is.
Tomorrow is another day.


Return to Seattle

In May of 2018 I relocated from Seattle, Washington to my uncle’s mini-horse farm in the Michigan Upper Peninsula.  I lived and worked on the farm for that summer. It was tough work that included moving a lot of hay. It was just what I needed.

Art on the farm

During that time, I began the design of a couple of business websites: and  The second was my first client. I now have four.

I finished the farmhand work, and took a weekend job as a Master Control Operator for one of the local TV stations.  I also moved to downtown Negaunee, Michigan where I later connected with the owner of a thriving bakery and cafe (  When I was offered a full-time job on her staff, I jumped at the opportunity.

I’m also happy for my efforts with Thales Consulting ( where I have crafted a lightweight set of technical and administrative services, including 24X7 monitoring of their servers.  I put my eyes on their systems every morning, and maintain a complete document library of all our work together. You can find the tools used here:

Art at Camp, on James Lake

In September, I am relocating back to Seattle.  I will make it my home, and seek work. I am going to refine my business service offerings to target potential areas of unmet need.  I think I want to work with small and medium businesses, but if the right match in a big shop comes along, I will of course consider it.

I look forward to the opportunities and new experiences.  🙂

~ Bill

Tools of my Trade

I thought it might be interesting to compile a list of all the tools I use. I’ve come to appreciate each over the last few years. These are in addition to the management tools on Windows and SQL Servers.

My tools are digital.

Monitoring: Datadog –
Alert Routing and Escalation: VictorOps –
Service Desk: FreshDesk –
Distributed Team Collaboration: Sococo –
Instant Messaging: Slack –

What am I working on? Implementing VictorOps for routing and escalating alerts raised by Datadog. I’m sharpening my tools.

Serving Excellence – How?

I do part-time work for WBUP & WBKP ABC 10 & CW 5, a local television station in Ishpeming, MI. I am a master control operator on the weekends, and starting Monday, Floor Director for the evening news.

This is a complete departure from my historical career path in tech. This is more about doing something interesting. Do you know what I like about it? I’m always learning, and there is always a way to do better work.

The Carzwell XYZ tagline is “Serving Excellence.” That was distilled from 36 years of military and civilian work experience. It speaks to How I do what I do, and that is with excellence. How do I know? Because I’m constantly improving and developing.

I relocated to the Michigan Upper Peninsula after 20 years in the Seattle tech market. I worked with a lot of really great people. I learned from them, and continue to learn today.

Balance piece in my home in Negaunee, MI.

Freelance DBA

My first contract Doing Business As Carzwell XYZ is for my new client Thales Consulting (  I will be DBA as a DBA (Database Administrator) in support of their CAFRonline product (   I’m excited for the chance to offer my deepest technical experience of the last 25 years.

Plus a few extra little things I learned along the way.

And some art.

Develop the Services

At the end of the day, my business is about what value I can provide to you as a client. If we work together for a time, will there be a positive work product that generates tangible benefit?

It starts with yes.

You see, I’m confident any duration of collaboration will lead to a gain of some kind. Once we begin the discovery work, I will ask a lot of questions and record the answers. We will learn together what you have, how you are using it, and where there are unnecessary limitations or missed opportunities.

The best part is the satisfaction guarantee. If, at any point, I believe you are best referred to someone more skilled where you have greatest need, I’ll find that resource for you. My intention is to help you improve on what you have, and understand what is needed to support your business vision.

In Alpha

This website and the business of Carzwell XYZ is very much in alpha stage. I’m starting to build a business in the Michigan Upper Peninsula. I offer a lot of questions and documentation that describes your technical business processes, highlighting inefficiences and missed opportunities. I can also offer website refresh and will soon offer support of e-commerce.

That is business technical analysis, and is at the core of my service offering. We start where you are and identify a path to – at the very least – current versions of everything you are already using. We’ll look at how you use computing technology to operate your business and consider upgrades or additional solutions.

I can vet and track software vendors very well on your behalf. There is a way to do so that keeps things moving and clear. My advocacy is about ensuring their service level is kept high.